Award Categories

Award Categories

Award Categories - India Education Awards

*Awards will be given on the basis of the following criteria: Infrastructure, Faculty, Placements, Strength of Students, Annual Growth, Students & Alumni Feedback, Feedback from the industry.


  • India's Best Playschool Chain
  • Stand-alone Pre-school of the Year
  • Best Infrastructure in Early Education
  • Innovation in Early Learning / Child Development
  • Best Playschool in City/State/Zone

Senior Secondary Schools

  • India's Best Chain of Senior Secondary Schools
  • India's Best Stand-alone Senior Secondary School
  • Best International School of the Year (National/Regional)
  • India's Best Boarding School
  • Best Infrastructure amongst Senior Secondary Schools (National/Regional)
  • Best Faculty amongst Senior Secondary Schools (National/Regional)
  • Best Emerging School of the Year (National/Regional)
  • Principal of the Year

Higher Education

  • India's Best Private University (North)
  • India's Best Private University (South)
  • India's Best Private University (East)
  • India's Best Private University (West)
  • India's Best Private Engineering College
  • India's Best Emerging Private Engineering College
  • Best Infrastructure amongst Private Engineering Colleges (National/Regional)
  • Best Faculty amongst Private Engineering Colleges (National/Regional)
  • Excellence in Industrial Interface (Engineering Colleges)
  • India's Best Business School
  • India's Best Emerging Business School
  • Best Infrastructure amongst Business Schools (National/Regional)
  • Best Faculty amongst Business Schools (National/Regional)
  • Excellence in Industrial Interface (Business Schools)
  • Best Medical College (National/Regional)
  • Best Agricultural College (National/Regional)
  • Best Pharmacy College (National/Regional)
  • Best Polytecnic (National/Regional)
  • Excellence in Distance Learning Education
  • Best B.Ed College (National/Regional)

Specialized Courses

  • Best Vocational Training Institute (National/Regional)
  • Best Clinical Research Institute (National/Regional)
  • Best Teacher's Training Instite (National/Regional)
  • Best Retail Management Institute (National/Regional)
  • Best Banking Institute (National/Regional)
  • Best Aviation Training Institute (National/Regional)
  • Best Hotel Management Institute (National/Regional)
  • Best Interior Designing Institute (National/Regional)
  • Best Fashion Designing Institute (National/Regional)
  • Best Beauty Training Institute (National/Regional)
  • Best Animation & Multimedia Training Institute (National/Regional)
  • Excellence in Foreign Trade Education
  • Best IT Training Institute (Hardware & Networking)
  • Best IT Training Institute (Software & Web Designing)
  • Best Jewellery Designing Institute (National/Regional)
  • Best Textile Designing Institute (National/Regional)
  • Best Biotechnology Institute (National/Regional)
  • Best Journalism & Mass Communication Institute (National/Regional)
  • Best Institute for Financial Education (National/Regional)
  • Best Security Training Institute (National/Regional)
  • Best Language Training Institute (National/Regional)
  • Best Online Education Platform/Program

Coaching Institutes

  • Best Coaching Institute of the Year (National/Regional)
  • Best Engineering Entrance Coaching (National/Regional)
  • Best Medical Entrance Coaching (National/Regional)
  • Best Post Graduate Medical Entrerance Coaching (National/Regional)
  • Best Civil Services Coaching (National/Regional)
  • Best Bank/PO Entrance Coacing (National/Regional)
  • Best Coaching Classes for Competitive Exams Entrance (National/Regional)
  • Best Management Entrance Coaching (National/Regional)
  • Best Personality Development/Groomimg Classes (National/Regional)
  • Best Acting/ Drama Institute (National/Regional)
  • Best Dance Institute (National/Regional)
  • Best Music Instruments Training Institute (National/Regional)
  • Best Sports Coaching (National/Regional)
  • Best Adventure Training Institute (National/Regional)
  • Best Training Program for Corporates (National/Regional)
  • Best Yoga Coaching Centre (National/Regional)
  • Best Tutorial Classes for Higher & Senior Secondary Grades (National/Regional)
  • Best Photography Classes
  • Best Cooking Classes
  • Best Online Tutoring (National/Regional)
  • Excellence in Education through Supplementary Training Programs (National/Regional)


  • Best Education Consultants (National/Regional)
  • Best Overseas Education Consultants (National/Regional)
  • Best Educational Equipments Manufacturers (National/Regional)
  • Best Education Technology Company of the Year
  • Best Teachers/Researchers
  • Best Education Portal

Please get in touch with us today if you don’t find your category, or would like to suggest a relevant one, or need more information or help in filing your nomination for the India Education Awards